Catching the Light

Why write?

I have kept a journal all my life, at least, since I learned to write.  The empty page has always been a friend to me, listening without judgement, and remembering everything I say.

Thoughts and feelings happen every moment of every day; they pass through us, reverberate, move us to motion or tears or laughter, shape our world view and define our experience.

Writing is a way of “catching the light”, a phrase  I adopted from a movie (Bee Season) that explores mystic theology.  It describes the act of making ourselves whole again by focusing intention and effort in the direction of love.

Living a human life is an awesome experience.  It can also be a terrifying and painful journey.  Allowing all that is to come to the page, unhindered, is an art form and also a therapeutic exercise.  As I write, I often find that I follow a loose pattern; first, just blurting out whatever thoughts or happenings are foremost on my mind.  Next, I explore my feelings and reactions.  Finally, I project my desires into the mix, turning my ideas over and searching within them for purpose and meaning.  I encourage myself, if I can, to do whatever it will take to bring about harmony within my heart and mind.

So, why write?  It is alchemy.  We can start with the base materials of consciousness, and transform them, through focusing our attention, into understanding.

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